Balloon Animal Instructions Workshop  for Park District

Every year, teenagers at camp express frustration when forced into group activities, primarily entertaining their younger peers. To enhance the teen summer camp experience, we’ve tailored a balloon-twisting class to meet teenagers’ specific needs.

Teens, alongside their peers, will learn essential balloon twists, designs, and the joy of entertaining with balloons. They’ll receive instruction in balloon inflation techniques and learn balloon-tying maneuvers, enabling them to create basic shapes and interlocking twists.

This 60-minute teen program aims for participants to grasp basic balloon terminology, twists, and balloon safety instructions, all within an enjoyable and engaging environment.

The workshop’s essence lies in its hands-on nature, fostering a community atmosphere that promotes enjoyment through learning and peer interaction.


For optimal training conditions, we recommend utilizing an indoor facility with a controlled temperature. This choice is crucial, as wind and heat can pose significant challenges to the training environment. To further enhance the working conditions, we suggest providing a garbage can for this program, ensuring that the working area remains tidy and is left clean when we depart.

In addition to the facility requirements, access to electricity is essential for the electric balloon inflator. This access guarantees a swift and efficient process for inflating and distributing balloons, contributing to the program’s overall success.

Now, turning our attention to the camper experience, we advise maintaining a group size of 20 or fewer for optimal engagement and individual attention. This ensures that each camper receives the best possible experience during the program.

Professional Experience

Dale Obrochta, with a Master’s Degree in Communication and Training, brings extensive expertise as a professional balloon artist since 1988. His credibility is further enhanced by his role as an instructor for Kids College at South Suburban College and Moraine Valley Community College programs, where he taught teenagers the artistry of various entertainment forms.