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Brand Name: Magical Balloon-dude Dale

Spelling and Formatting Guidelines:

  1. Correct Spelling: The brand name is spelled as “Magical Balloon-dude Dale,” with the initial letters of each word capitalized.
  2. Hyphen Usage: The term “Balloon-dude” is hyphenated and should always be spelled with a hyphen between “Balloon” and “dude” for consistency.
  3. Capitalization: All words in the brand name are capitalized, including “Magical,” “Balloon-dude,” and “Dale.”
  4. Spacing: The term “Balloon-dude” is not separated by spaces. However, there should be a single space between “Magical” and “Balloon-dude Dale” when used in the text.
  5. Stylization: The brand name does not include specific stylized elements or special characters. It should be presented in standard text format.

Example Usage:

  • Correct: “Visit Magical Balloon-dude Dale’s website for exciting balloon artistry!”
  • Incorrect: “Check out Magical Balloon-Dude Dale’s latest creations!”

Trademark Information:

  • The brand name “Magical Balloon-dude Dale” is a trademark of DEO Consulting, Inc. All rights reserved.

Contact Information:

For inquiries regarding the usage of the brand name “Magical Balloon-dude Dale,” please contact:

Approved Alternate Terms for Magical Balloon-dude Dale:

  1. Dale, Magical Balloon-dude
  2. Balloon Artistry of Dale Obrochta
  3. Balloon Artistry of Magical Balloon-dude Dale
  4. Dale Obrochta, Balloon Entertainer
  5. Dale Obrochta, Balloon Entertainment At It’s Best!
  6. Balloon Entertainer Dale Obrochta
  7. Tubular Latex Manipulator Dale Obrochta
  8. Multiple Balloon Entertaine Dale Obrochta

Unapproved Generic Term:

“Balloon Artist”

While commonly used, the term “balloon artist” does not accurately capture the unique skill set, creativity, and entertainment value that Dale brings to his performances. It is preferred to use one of the approved alternate terms listed above to reflect better Dale’s expertise and the exceptional experience he delivers to his audience.


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Contact Information

DEO Consulting, Inc
President: Dale Obrocthta
16334 Boardwalk Terrace
Orland Hills, IL 60487

Phone (708) 744-0234

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