This thirty-minute presentation has a singular objective: to enhance summer staff awareness regarding how their public image, listening skills, and overall work attitude can impact the park district’s brand, colleagues, and career prospects.

As you know, eye contact, body language, and attitude speak volumes to a parent picking up a child from summer camp. Often, staff members are unaware they send these communication negative signals. Dale’s goal is to shed light on these issues in an educational, impactful, and entertaining manner for your staff.

Soft Skills Training 101 demonstrates:

  • An overview of a public persona and its importance in aspects of a professional setting.
  • Exploring how others perceive and form impressions of individuals based on their public personas and how it affects the Park District brand.
  • Understanding the impact of cultural differences on public persona and interpersonal interactions.
  • One can enhance customer service and cultivate stronger employee connections by employing Active Listening.

 “Dale’s speech was fun, educational, and beneficial to my full-time staff.”  Anna Paszkiet – Bridgeview Park Rec. Coordinator.