Enhancing Guest Experience: Line Management and Entertainment for Holiday Occasions

The line wraps around the building as families wait to see Santa, but you can hear laughter. The flash from a camera catches your eye as you realize that Santa’s Entertaining Assistant is busy at work entertaining families waiting to see Santa.

Dale races from family to family with a big elf’s face, allowing parents a quick, impromptu photograph opportunity. Minutes later, Dale is juggling, keeping the line occupied as they wait. 

Spectators are amazed to learn that the rope Dale is spinning is real and not a stage prop.  Grandma is bewildered by the magic trick performed earlier but does not realize that time is ticking by as they wait happily in line.

Occasionally, laughter fills the area as Dale’s quick-witted humor emerges as he starts a conversation with a teenager.  The queue keeps moving, parents are entertained, kids are happy, and you can hear the compliments about how much fun guests had waiting in line to see Santa.