Channahon Park District balloon show 2024

Magical Balloon-dude Dale’s “Art of Inflation” show is a lighthearted comedy performance with audience participation, balloon twisting, and upbeat music suitable for all ages. It will come to Channahon Summer Camp at the Park District on June 25, 2004. The show aims to captivate the audience with Dale’s visual art and creativity.

Experience the enchantment of Magical Balloon-dude Dale’s “Art of Inflation” show, a delightful blend of lighthearted comedy, interactive audience participation, mesmerizing balloon twisting, and lively music perfect for all ages. Join us at Channahon Summer Camp, hosted by the Park District, on June 25, 2004, for an unforgettable entertainment experience. Dale’s captivating performance promises to dazzle and inspire, showcasing his remarkable visual artistry and boundless creativity. Don’t miss this opportunity to be swept away by the magic of balloons and laughter!