Wheeling Park District Summer Camp Balloon Show Art of Inflation Banner

On July 17, immerse yourself in a day filled with interactive fun, laughter, and wonder at the Wheeling Park District Summer Camp. “The Art of Inflation,” the much-anticipated balloon show, takes center stage as the highlight of summer camp entertainment, catering to all ages, from transitional kindergarten to adults.

Meticulously crafted for maximum engagement and super fun, “The Art of Inflation” showcases 85 balloons, promising a burst of color and creativity. This show is anything but passive; it thrives on audience participation, ensuring every camper becomes an integral part of the excitement. Kids actively engage with the lively performance, filling the venue with laughter.

A standout moment in “The Art of Inflation” unfolds with the creation of a large balloon sculpture right on stage. Witness the balloon artist bring imagination to life, crafting an impressive sculpture that amplifies the visual spectacle of the show.

Calling all registered camp kids! Mark your calendars for a day brimming with joy and entertainment at Wheeling Park District Summer Camp on July 17. Don’t let “The Art of Inflation” pass you by—a guaranteed source of laughter and a celebration of creativity, laughter, and shared moments. This interactive experience is exclusively designed just for you!